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Steve Mitnick

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Bob Banks

“We found Wolf Web Solutions’s services to be perfectly suited to our small law firm. Wolf Web Solutions found a way to meet our budget while providing top-notch web design services so that our web site matches the look of much bigger firms. Wolf Web Solutions offered creative ideas of how a legal web site should be promoted and what clients look for in a web site. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Adam as our firm expands into the 21st century.”

Lee Tesser

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Hilary Greer Fike

“Wolf Web Solutions has created a Legal Site for me with which I am very pleased. I recommend that company’s services highly to members of my profession. It proved very helpful to my site that Adam Wolf of Wolf Web Solutions is a lawyer who understands the way we lawyers think and understand the ethical limitations on legal advertising and has a clear notion of what is in good taste for our profession.”

George Mckinnis

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Karen Allspach
Office Administrator

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Glen Rabenn
California Family Law Attorney and Owner

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Harlan Abrahams
the Brief Doctor

“We chose Wolf Web Solutions for our site development and hosting after several referrals from other law firms. Once I had spoken with Wolf Web Solutions, it was readily apparent they had a firm grasp of the industry, as well as of concerns specific to the legal field. Not only was Wolf Web Solutions able to advise on technical, design and hosting issues but they were also of great assistance with regard to legal and ethical issues. They offered excellent suggestions for layout of the site, navigation and marketing. The level of customer service we received from Wolf Web Solutions was excellent and all queries were answered quickly and thoroughly. And to top it all off, the rates were extremely competitive. It is very rare that you find a vendor who is a joy to work with and Wolf Web Solutions is certainly one of those rarities. I cannot recommend Wolf Web Solutions highly enough.”

Melinda Hazzard
Firm Administrator

“Wolf Web Solutions developed DCNC & Legal Learning Center’s web site this year. Our project was not the normal website situation to say the least! We needed to combine two websites which were quite a bit different from each other and needed to make this merge as seamless as possible. Our company focuses on servicing law firms and because Wolf Web Solutions understands the legal environment, it was easy to communicate with them on where we wanted to go with our site. Wolf Web Solutions developers are patient, dependable and extremely creative. Their excellent communication skills made our project a success! I recommend Wolf Web Solutions services to any company and especially law firms!”

Christine Garrett

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